SOPURE hand sanitizer

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• Sanitizing Spray  • Contains 80% Ethanol, as per WHO and health Canada • Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses  • Does not contain tricolsan or harmfull chemicals  • Non sticky, no residue left behind  • 59 ml bottle / 2oz • Proprietary emollients ensures soft, and moisturized skin • Spray nozzle • Available in unscented  • Developed and Made in Canada • Portable small size!   


  1. Brandon

    Unlike the other hand sanitizers I have been using, this one does not dry my hands out and has a much softer smell. I like that it is more `spritz`like than a messy goo (which half seems to wind up on the floor or my shoes). I can use my hands within seconds – unlike the goo where I have to wait. Also, due to a more liquid spray this stuff goes a lot further than the other products I have used. The compact and handheld 2oz sprayer fits easily in my pocket and goes everywhere that I go.

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